There are other powerful gear items из MMOruki блога

There are also additional bosses such as OSRS gold Count Draynor, King Roald, Khazard War Lord, Tree Spirit, Moss Giant, Black Knight Titan, Ice Troll King, Black Demon,Witch the experiment, Giant Roc, Treus Dayth, Nazastarool, Hellhound, Kendal, Ancient Skeleton and many other deadly foes.

Your inventory setup should comprise of prayers of 4-8, four overloads, and one weapon that has a special attack and locator orb or rock cake. The remainder of the slot in the inventory should be filled with absorption potions. When entering the dream state, the player should drink overload and remove rest of the hitpoints down to 1 by using the wither locator orb and rock cake. This makes bosses hit only for 1 which could be shielded for a duration of time due to potions that absorb. For the equipment you should have the highest output of damage that you own (Dharok will do the trick).

Additionally, there are other powerful gear items that can aid you in your fight : Berserker Ring, Seers Ring, Archers Ring, Abyssal Whip, Salve Amulet, Warrior Rings, Void Knight Set, Ardougne Cloak, Anti Fire Shield, Proselyte Armour, God Book, Granite Maul, Amulet of Fury and others. It is important to have potions such as super magic and super ranging melee.

If you've stumbled across the nightmare zone to improve your experience with afk, this section is perfect for you. For the start, head to one of the corners in the nightmare where the bosses won't be able to touch you (remember you need melee only bosses for it to work).

If you want to afk with regular overload / absorption combination, be aware that these effects can last for about 5 minutes. There is also a way to increase this time to 20 minutes by using powerful potions for combat instead of overloads. For those who wish to stay AFK longer, it's possible to fight bosses on an easy mode with Guthan scheduled for 20 minutes but rs gold 2007 this isn't advised as it will not give the same amount of satisfaction.


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