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Any way here are my stats: attack: 50, strength: 53, defence: 46 (operating it to 50), range: 35, prayer: 26, mage: 46, fight: 60. I think thats all... is there any good armour/robes I havent got that are members? As im just new to members as of last month and I dont know much about members things. PS: I've got a broken arm and am speaking with one hand, please excuse my spelling.

I have had members before to OSRS gold check out see how trendy it is AND I WANT MORE! What lvls should I get up b4 buying it? I would like to be able to most likely do everything and please list what skills have to assist other mem skills.

I need a basilisk stuff head for my house. I am wearing a ring of riches. I've just killed 386 basilisks without after getting a head to stuff. My friend got a head after only 20 kills, while the other player up there reckons he has about 12 now. I have compared notes with my friend and besides the fact she has a higher combat level, we are doing nothing differently. I have only had somebody tell me that it is arbitrary, but it'll happen anywhere between 0 - 200 kills. I have nearly doubled that now and, if we include the preceding sessions, I've completed 3 to 4 times that number on basilisks alone. Also before now, I've murdered over 200 crawling heads without you to stuff, as well as increasing 8 fishing levels waiting for Cheap RS gold a big bass to stuff. I have still never had something to place in my skill room.


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