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I used a SGS to train from 89-99 Strength, so it's definitely an alright training weapon when you're planning to RS gold train strength. It will probably replace your Guthans so you can sell that, Ranger Boots aren't really a necessity (snakeskin can replace them, sacrificing +5 Ranged bonus). It's at a pretty stable cost right now and raising, so you won't have to worry about losing very much money should you sell it later as godswords always have their ups and downs.

I didn't use the SGS a great deal against boss monsters, but it definitely shines against almost all them, in addition to from the Barrows. It is also possible to use it in conjunction with other skills, such as recovery when Thieving or coaching Agility, and Slayer of course. That's my biased opinion on the SGS being best, I would certainly buy it again if I began to train Strength.

Hello I have recently decided to get myself a flame cape (or at least ill try to do so) and have a few questions: Can this be enough? And if no: that stats should I up a little? Why should I use the ranged-only installation? Or the guthans setup? (I can just about manage it have about 3.2mil cash and an abby whip so that could add up to it) Now if I use the ranged-only installation: What sort of gear should use? Karils? Or black d'hide? And RuneScape gold buy what kind of arrows/bolts? Which monster should I melee to gain health? What kind of ranged-setup should I use when not healing with guthans? Also generally about the inventory: What Happens should I take with me? Should I also buy some purple sweets? I am aware that there are a whole lot of questions, but I would be very grateful if I would get some replies to them. Thank you Ahead of Time.


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