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Here is what I wrote to Jagex in my second appeal: I was only trying to be nice to the man I was speaking to. I didn't mean to upset him. But he apparently believed I was trying to meet him in person. But I wasn't. I'd greatly appreciate it and RS gold I shall continue to stick to the principles. And that I am a very great person and I really don't want to frighten anyone on here or upset anyone. I promise not to scare or upset anybody else later on. I also promise not to insult anyone. Thank you for giving me a second chance. I've been waiting a long time for this... I had contained the aforementioned statement at the time of my appeal. Now I ask anyone and everyone who reads this. . .Does it usually take this long for impending appeals? Any useful advice or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have had a look in the manual and I understand what I'm going to plant: Maple Seeds and Curry Seeds into 57. Maple Seeds and Papaya Seeds into 65. I need to understand what things to choose a trip and what other seeds I will plant. If the above is not good please tell me what is. I also want to understand how much this could cost. Your gonig to get wgs right? Once I did it jsut get 62 and consume a backyard pie, I'd do this. Willow curry and trees trees are the very best, plant about 100 of each in containers.

Always replant trees following checking health adn cutting down. So begin in lumbridge... Tele or take cannoe into varrock. Use gnome treee to go to stronghold do the two trees there. Use soul tree to tree gnome, talk to gnome to head out of maze to patch. Tele to lletya and check shrub. Tele to cammy adn run into catherby, check tree. Charter into brimhaven, check shrub. Tele into fally test tree then run to brimhaven. Do that every day and you'l lbe done in a fortnight.

I am very close to Quest Cape. I've 5 Quests left, and also have 271 Quest Points. I still have some leveling to do before I could do the remaining quests and WGS. My question is this though... How many stat boosters Could I use? Thus... Out of those skills are there any stat boosters which work? I have seen Sal's"Stat Boosters" Guide, and I am aware that there are boosters, I am wondering if they work for the quest. Its mostly for Herblore, and Crafting. Maybe I can use Stews with pliers, have any of those worked for anyone?

For the prayer, I would suggest getting atleast 70 for piety on bandos. For the other boses, is there some specific reason why you picked level 65? 64 restores the identical quantity per dose of prayer potion as 65 does, so additional levels truly don't make a difference till you reach 68. Strength isn't as vital for boss hunting as folks make it out to be. Concentrating on defence and cheap OSRS gold attack will help you out more than strength will. Your gear appears okay. It could be a good idea to invest in completing RFD and getting yourself a pair of barrow gloves. These things are amazing;)


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