The decoys themselves would be created out of wood, silk and leather из Megaomgchen блога

This thought just kind of came to me. Essentially, it would be something that you make that will participate of the harm for you. There are some type of quest you go to find out and be able to earn decoys. I had been RuneScape gold thinking it could be broken up into parts, such as Recipe for Disaster. You finish small chunks at one time and gain some small chunks of decoy knowledge.

The decoys themselves would be created out of wood, silk and leather. You'd make them using fletching and crafting. Fundamentally, fletch 1 or two sets of logs to make the decoy body. Anyone with a little bit of fletching know-how would technically know how to earn a human-like sculpture. Thats where the quest comes in. Decoys would have to be made collapsible. So, the whoever/whatever in the pursuit would teach you .

The type of logs used in decoy making would impact how much health the decoy has. I think a foundation of approximately 15-20 with regular logs to approximately 50-60 with magic/yew. The decoys would just be statues... so, whoever you are fighting is only going to hit the decoy about 50 percent of their time (it would not be in a position to be utilised in whatever player vs. player, creatures only, for example some quest monsters and some of the boss ones such as the KBD or whatever they have now). There are also some kind of way to enchant the things, either someone from the quest or a new magical spell. This way, it would work 75%-100% of their time.

When fighting multiple enemies that a decoy would completely distract one. You may only take 1 or two decoys at a time, for some inexplicable reason. They are too heavy. Sure you can carry 8 collections of armour but just 2 decoys. Them's the breaks. I will try to make some kind of outline for the pursuit, do not expect too much though.

Okay, so the background is that OSRS Gold For Sale there is some type of monster attacking a group of people with the decoy knowledge. The only guy left is quite old and can not go fight the creature. Its your job to go kill the monster and save the people. Recommended Items: Equipment to kill a level 30 monster.


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