I've played both a bit and have to suggest ffxiv over Eso из Megaomgchen блога

ESO was the reason I switched to WOW TBC Classic Gold ffxiv. ESO is very ugly, and I wouldn't recommend it. every area in that game looks the same. There were also issues with microtransactions being shoved into your face. Also, the "make your own class" thing.

I've played both a bit and have to suggest ffxiv over Eso. Eso just feels. I'm guessing empty. I couldn't keep my interest however ffxiv does have a lot of energy, as the op said. Esos combat is quite brutal. Imagine Skyrim with a 3 second server delay after each attack. That's eso.

I've played both quite lot and can suggest ffxiv over Eso. Eso is just. Empty idk. While it wasn't able to grab my attention, FXIV has so much to offer. Esos combat is kinda ugly. Imagine if skyrim had a 3 seconds server slowing down every attack. This is eso.

The action combat is fast paced and enjoyable, active taunts, blocks, or dodges are enjoyable, but since skills don't have a cooldown the game becomes a chaotic mash-up. Certain classes make use of the same skill 13 times in a row.

The company doesn't value the time you spend as a player , like FFXIV does. You'll also spend the same time managing your bank account and buy TBC Classic Gold inventory even without an upgrade to a premium subscription (same cost like FFXIV). Every new dungeon has to be purchased (unless you're a premium member) and in addition, they include annual expansions that offer limited information... It's like I'm talking about a brand new raid as well as a brand new zone worth of story for $30.


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