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In the last two years Point guards have been struggling in active builds. Point guards are not an advantage. The speed increase of Nba 2k22 Mt Point Forward build is not significant. A Point Forward typically has more potential than an average point guard. 2K Sports should address archetypes and design structures with inherent strengths as well as weaknesses. A smaller center will move quickly, but their lack of dimension will make the task of defending prominent players difficult.

MyCourt was once a crucial component of 2K but it has become less popular over the past couple of years. It was MyCourt was a place where players could improve their skills through drills. It was an excellent idea and rewarded those who spent more time in the game.

MyPlayer has seen only some slight improvements over the past couple of years. The MyCourt has been used primarily to train HORSE. The MyCourt was the best place for players looking to resolve rivalries. Two players would play a 1v1 game on the MyCourt, and the winner would receive bragging rights.

It is now more common for players to meet on the stage, and play for virtual currency in these types of games. The function of the MyCourt is not clear. The concept of the MyCourt being used by Pro-Am teams for practice and relaxation is appealing to me. Pro-Am is an essential part of 2K and is becoming more crucial with the advent of eSports. MyCourt could be a space for teams to play a game and discuss issues with chemistry.

MyPlayers Creation Menu - There are very few options for creating the player's creation menu. Only a few options are available for skin color, eye shape and lips. I would like to add more options to the design suite. I would like my character to be unique as opposed to the other players. Female MyPlayers - The WNBA was introduced to NBA 2K last year, and it was successful. It was enjoyable to play against entirely different teams. My next suggestion is in the spirit of cheap mt nba 2k22 the success of WNBA.


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