NBA 2K7 actually marked the two consecutive years that Shaq was featured on the cover из Megaomgchen блога

NBA 2K7 actually marked the two consecutive years that Shaq was featured on the cover. This first happened in NBA 2K6. Shaq was joined by NBA 2K22 MT Allen Iverson as the only two players to have many solo covers at one time. It was praised for elements like the design, music, and the gameplay. On the other hand, there were some issues concerning the controls and it felt kind similar to the previous game as not much was changed to improve or improve upon. While it may not be as important however, the design of the menus was widely criticized. Some even said they were ugly.

Kobe Bryant, in NBA 2K10, is perhaps the most famous athlete to grace the cover of any of these games. It was a pivotal installment in the series for a number of one main reason. It was the first entry which included the MyPlayer mode. It is still a favorite choice the past decade. Although the mode wasn't ideal, it was a great addition to the series. Summer League and Doris Burke as a sideline reporter were both welcome additions. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues with the game especially following its release.

Before ESPN NBA 2K5 was released it was the ESPN license was added to the series in an important way. It was a landmark entry and was the final NBA game SEGA released prior to it being sold. The ESPN presentation was certainly the show-stealer but it was taken away after this particular installment. The game included Ben Wallace on the cover making him the only player aside from Allen Iverson to do so. There were two modes, 24/7 and Association. Both were met with mixed reviews. It was still a superb game and the low price of $20 made it an excellent value.

There are four games that have an score of 87. NBA 2K14 from 2K14 to 2K16 received the exact score, which shows the consistency of this franchise. 2K14 included the LeBron James: Path to Greatness mode as well as Euroleague teams. It also had an amazing soundtrack. 2K15 didn't do a ton of innovation, but it was a great addition to Cheap 2K22 MT the existing features that worked. 2K16 was significant in the way it introduced the idea of creating a custom MyLeague including things like moving franchises. This allowed gamers to establish their own leagues. MyCareer mode was also an unforgettable experience in the present day.


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