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It's only a matter of time before some Alliance does precisely that. I mean... It isn't a far fetched notion and quite cheap to implement.They have to have the identical choice as EO...turn off all 3d rendered objects.Hey I had been on the other side of EVE Echoes ISK this battle! When you men warped in the overview pretty much crashed, we couldnt lock on to anybody.

I lost one of those high isk glistening boats to SHH. I must hull three times and repaired before they finally got me with a alpha LAG volley. Normal controls were delayed only long enough to prevent safety measures which led to blowing up one of my ships. Be prepared to manage lag for future conflicts.I believe the answer here is, why not? The game was clearly very attractive how it was to new players and old player and Buy EVE Echoes Items was conducive to mobile play. Why should it be easy? PvP can nevertheless happen in null sec, sov and bubbles can alter that but who knows, possibly there are creative ways to maintain those systems set up whilst still maintaining simplicity of play to get a more casual neighborhood.

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