Haha, it is a lot of fun but needing to do UT to play squads sucks из Megaomgchen блога

Haha, it is a lot of fun but needing to do UT to Mut 21 coins play squads sucks. I'm planning on not purchasing the game this season and boycotting till they put some effort into other modes. Not only will EA not get another dime from me for MUT/FUT, I'm planning to not buy either game and not revive my EA access. They have lost a super fan who's possessed both games every year return to the sega genesis days. Dont buy in to this damage control statement, keep the press on, recall that they didnt bother to address a lot of shit during the dev of 21, a couple of weeks of incorporating shit aint gonna change anything.

It took them some time but EA did eventually fix starwars battlefront two after all the backlash. Thats because disney put the fucking clamps down to the scenes along with the community. No body fucks with the mouse and all of his assets. However, battlefronts issues were coping with lootboxes which at the time were beginning to draw the ire of gaming lovers through many unique games even congress was going to start getting involved. Ea may have still place a campaign mode in however they likely would not have addressed the pay to acquire problem if it was just the fans becoming involved. Right now for madden its predominantly lovers and youtubers pressing the issue with a few sports characters here and there.

I have not been stunned at anything in video games because the end of the last people 1. I honestly can't believe they really acknowledged us. They've always just ignored us. I am still quite confident they won't add anything, but how they even said anything at all is much better than what we had yesterday! Good start everybody, but we got much more voicing of opinions to do if franchise will get to where it should be! The developers have been in touch with the fans. Was constantly going off on Twitter. He quit and came out and basically said the developers aren't in control, executives are. I've never noticed a developer, or community manager ever acknowledge the franchise community's annoyance. We've been ignored for decades, and it's evident by community's frustration, and also at the quality of the mode.

He was constantly on twitter engaging with fans. He shot himself in the foot a bunch because he always made claims he could not keep bc it was not his place to make promises. When he quit he did a lot of interviews telling people why madden sucks. My purpose revolved around the fact that the madden group is totally horrible at PR, and cheap Madden 21 coins making their neighborhood feel heard and valued. Sounds like both times he's just saying shit so as to get views. A lot of people will not give this much merit till they see active changes, which is sensible, but when's the last time anyone from the Dev team admitted the game style needed fixing similar to this? Seems promising to me that they're addressing this. M22 might see an overhaul when this is untrue.


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