Treadmill- Speak to a elve who's attempting to buff up to impress an elve woman из Megaomgchen блога

Treadmill- Speak to a elve who's attempting to OSRS gold buff up to impress an elve woman. He'll ask you to get him a weight-lifting bench in return. He'll tell you just how to make it. Here is the litems to get. They will be relativley easy to comprehend, as they will be close with other products. They will be- 5 candy cane sticks, two big ornaments, and a candy cane sheet. After collecting all those, he will place them together into a weight lifting bench and provide you the treadmill.

Reindeer- To find the reindeer, go to the back of Santa's workshop and then talk to the elve position at the reindeer's pencil gate. After talking to him, enter the pen and detect a claw and pencil much like the Evil Twin random.

Go back to Santa and observe a brief vide in which he give you the reward, then begins shooting the presents. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Taken from additional Sal's Topics. Not my thoughts.

Its a lengthy quest, but be patient, I think its very good. The quest begins close to the fishing points north of seers village (in between them there are a home, with garden incl. Strange flowers (non-pickable) and test subjects). Prerequisites: The ability to defeat a level 75 enemy, 33 cooking, 45 mining, 45 woodcutting, 35 thieving. Ingredients such as a chocolate saturday, a pickaxe, an axe.

Within the house you will find beakers and chemicals all over on tables, and A Professors Head. Hello? Oh thank Saradomin, somebody is here! Ah! How did you lose your mind? Well. . .It's a bit embarrassing... Inform me then. I'd rather not... Well, in that situation, I'll be leaving now. No, WAIT! I say, wait! Well. . .Okay...that I MAY have shrunk myself... Come again? I have been doing experiments on a shrinkbox, to shrink individuals to buy RuneScape gold fit in you pocket, or to shrink massive items to little pieces, then"re-grow" them . Sounds dangerous... Yes, well. . .it did go a little wrong...


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