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When we celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Animal Crossing" and the 1st anniversary of "New Horizons", after the pandemic, how long do players expect this game to have fun?

Since its first release on Nintendo 64 in 2001, the Animal Crossing series has been Nintendo's favorite. When announcing new entries, the series always arouses a lot of excitement. . The game was launched on Nintendo Switch in March 2020. At the time, the game provided much-needed services for escaping the island paradise and provided interference for the initial COVID-19 lockdown. It has become more obvious in two years that if these problems are not resolved, Nintendo may lose its huge game player base.

After all, the essence of every "Animal Crossing" game is the same, and "New Horizons" is no exception. Players control their characters while navigating to new locations, making friends with NPCs and collecting furniture to create a relaxing escape from reality. However, once the hype surrounding their release fades, these games often attract little attention. For many reasons, New Horizons faces the same fate.


Lack of activity diversity

Nintendo has been working hard to keep players interested in New Horizons by releasing almost monthly updates and special items. However, in addition to the fresh aesthetics they provide, these updates have little impact on the core game. Starting in March 2021, players can purchase special Mario items to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, as well as limited-time items for St. Patrick's Day. Most of these are relatively cheap furniture and clothing. The most expensive item is 12,000 bells-not much for a player who has been saving since March last year. These updates are whimsical, but they didn't add much staying power.


Just like last year (and previous games), "Bunny Festival" is an Easter event of "New Horizons" where players collect various eggs hidden on the island and exchange them for items. However, although the incident is different from the one that was widely criticized last year, its search and exchange nature is almost the same as the February Festivale. This lack of diversity makes people have little expectations for these events, because the mechanisms behind them remain largely unchanged and repetitive.

Nintendo's brilliant idea of ​​introducing terrain allows players to put their own mark on the environment on their island, so that everyone feels unique. Buying Nook Miles tickets also allows players to jump to other islands to meet new NPCs and catch different creatures. However, the question is whether Bethesda can place the entire Skyrim map in the Switch cartridge. Why does "New Horizons" limit players to a small main island for customization, or even a smaller temporary island for exploration?


"Animal Crossing" has always been proud of the title of minimalist escape game, but there is still a huge opportunity for more players to explore. If Nintendo is to strictly follow the island paradise theme, it should expand the current features in the game, including providing more options for Dodo Airline travel. Although some people may worry that this will push New Horizons into a grind and goal-based game, rather than a game focused on creativity and relaxation, Nintendo needs to add some new elements to the game to keep players engaged.


In any Animal crossing, a large part of it is to catch creatures, whether it is chasing an ordinary yellow butterfly or staying up late until you find a snapping turtle. But despite the game's potential for an ever-changing lineup of creatures, the things available throughout the game have hardly changed. Players who have been active since the release of New Horizons may have captured all the content that needs to be captured right now.


If Nintendo wants to prevent players from getting bored with one of the central mechanics of the game, then it should give players something other than donating or showing off their gains. For example, who wouldn’t want to tame spiders and follow them on the island? There are so many creative possibilities. The game's update in July 2020 allows players to swim and dive in the ocean to catch marine life that was not previously part of the game. However, no new creatures have been added since then.



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