Private Moderation Logs: There might be a separate из Weiweismart блога

Lets presume that Team 1 defeated Team two and gathered the Zamorak Manuscript. Now Team 1 is extremely vulnerable to attack from both the RS gold Saradomin Manuscript teams and also the Zamorak Manuscript teams. Team 1 now has to rush its way to some Watchtower in the centre of the arena where they will win the Mini Game upon going into the tower. For instance the three players' (who are in Team 1) combat levels are: Level 138, level 126, and Level 88. Lets assume that the level 138 was accountable for holding the Saradomin Manuscript and the level 126 was accountable for holding the Zamorak Manuscript. The decision upon who retains the Manuscripts can be determined by the group mates themselves.

The benefits will be awarded to a staff however, the individual player can choose his very own rewards. The player can spend his/her points on different God items.

The way the points are given: For regaining any of the God Manuscript (Saradomin or Zamorak), 1000 points. For killing a person it depends upon his/her combat level (such as killing a level 75 will provide you 750 points and murdering a level 138 will give 1380 points). After having the Manuscripts in their possession a staff may want to remain in the stadium and fight more people for additional points. However, the safer thing to do would be head to the Watchtower.

This is not enough to hold a significant chat. I am currently a General at the Clan Chat I combine and I always hear the leader say that he can't create any new friends because of all the rated members he's. Why not have separate lists to incorporate your rated members to your chat and have lots of buddies? You wouldn't even need 200 slots; 100 would work perfectly, saving server space.

Moderation Logs: Chat Owner Moderation Logs: This is a portion of their'clan set-up' would show users by whom, and for what reason. The chat proprietor could then see who has been kicking rather and who hasn't. The chat owner could get rid of the kick and, therefore, un-suspending the user in question. Perhaps a user might have accidentally kicked-out an innocent participant.

Private Moderation Logs: There might be a separate button onto an individual's interface when they have the capability to kick if empowered by the Clan Chat Owner. They could un-block or merely keep an eye on consumers kicked.

Right-click-chat-kick: Sometimes, users have something pre-typed and then join a chat, press enter then leave straight away, too quick to kick from the clan list. But if you right-click on the chat box message, then you'd have the option to block for 1-hour. Decision: The clan chat process is sufficient but with these upgrades and buy OSRS gold others' thoughts too, the clan chat platform could be way more sophisticated.


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