There is a comprehensive analysis of the advantages of home fields из Megaomgchen блога

Arrowhead Stadium will get a familiar advantage in "Madden NFL 22,"
It was a challenge to Mut 21 coins pick the field for Electronic Arts' Madden videogame franchise. The only thing that was crucial when picking your preferred home field was the appearance. In terms of gameplay the team didn't take into account the factors that was unique about each NFL stadium unique. This will change in the next installment.

"Madden NFL 22," that they refer to as "Dynamic Gaming Day" is a brand new enhancement that will enhance the atmosphere of the game, its momentum, and AI. It'll bring new energy to venues such as Arrowhead Stadium.

In the context of "Dynamic Gameday", every NFL stadium will be able to enjoy home-field advantages. Fans must be aware of Arrowhead Stadium's benefits. Arrowhead Stadium is known for its energetic and loud crowd. This makes it difficult for opponents' offensive teams to make audibles that are successful against the Chiefs' defense. This advantage will be referred to as "Home of the Chiefs."

There is a comprehensive analysis of the advantages of home fields on YouTube by YouTuber Zirksee. Additionally there is an explanation of the concept of momentum in Madden NFL 22.

The "Dynamic Gameday” improvements will only be available for next-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series S/X). To gain early access to buy Madden nfl 21 coins the game and try the new features you can pre-order it prior to its release on August 20th.


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