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She basically says she would like to RuneScape gold get rid of her condition, and consume the Guthix Balance Potion. She is going to die if you offer the potion to her. The room is to darkness at this moment. It appears that my queen to be has left me. I won't speak on behalf of you, unless I die.

Drakan is promised his death by Effaritay as her voice fills the room. Drakan is in the midst of sunshine. While he's robust enough to stand up to the sunlight's rays, he's still weak to the point of 30. Mazcha is expected to enter the room to help you. Drakan is a melee attacker using a Zamorakian Spear as well as Blood Barrage. Also, he uses a range attack with bats. Flail of Ivandis Special Attack on Drakan when his health falls to less than 50 percent. Mazcha will then pour Guthix Balance Potion down the throat.

Your natural sciences aren't up to my capabilities? Your recipe could cause me harm, but it won't cause me to die. It's impossible! I am able to. You're weak due to the potent drink. What do you think I'd do if I were to cut your throat here? We must leave this place and get out of here, [your name[your name]. We only have only one chance to take down Drakan. Don't just wait for the authorities to save Drakan.

Talk with Ivan Strom afterward to get the plates that Juvinates employed to lure you into a trap. They are like mithril plateslegs, except that you stand one in 100 possibility of healing the wounds. Ivan Strom explains: "Guthixian Druids found that plants receive nutrients from the soil beneath them via their roots."

This knowledge was then used to create the platelegs of Saradomist smiths. It is possible to obtain an adamant or rune-based versions of these legs when you fire Vyreguards. If Vyre Lords were burned, they might offer rune versions, or osrs inferno cape buy in the case of luck, dragon versions.


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