While the NFL loves to celebrate its past из Megaomgchen блога

While the NFL loves to celebrate its past, it's strange that they've not pushed for the same history to be integrated into Mut 22 coins the game. Sure, many football legends are part of the game as part of the Ultimate Team mode. Players can only play this game with 32 current NFL teams. EA should make it so players can dress for older teams for example, the Dallas Texans or even a very old school team, such as the Canton Bulldogs.

While there is always criticism from the Madden fanbase about different elements of the game, a major problem that has always been an issue for fans has been the offensive line mechanics.

The linemen of real football must adjust their blocking style based on the situation. But the rule has been the norm that offensive linemen have to play every down the same way. Even though Madden NFL 21's move to the next-gen version offered some improvements, it remains an important aspect of the game that needs to be addressed.

Franchise mode can be significantly better than it is now, at most in the minds of many Madden fans who have been playing the mode for years. There are a lot of ways to enhance the experience however one small thing is to make the transaction wire bit more authentic. Players can't control franchises and have to make their own decisions on the players they sign with and trade during the season. It can be a benefit to the player, however it does not make this real-life simulation. Intelligent AI can create a huge difference.

Madden players believe that buy Madden nfl 22 coins presentation is key. EA hasn't given players the ability to change the game environment or made the game look more realistic, despite higher-quality graphics. Sidelines are often grotesque, with strangely-shaped players in football pads, performing the same routines over and again. The crowd is also known for its habit of acting similar to one another. It would be fascinating to watch the crowd move around inside the stadium, or at the very least cause movement.


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