Начало Янв. 20
Окончание Апр. 21
santa clara
Создатель ritawang

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NBA 2k21 hasn't improved much since NBA 2K20, but certain features do have to be discussed. You have to read more about these features before you begin the match! NBA 2K21 MT at buynba2kmt.

My career mode offers high school to school material. 

Players would be eligible to attend high school and join the NBA, close to the present draft scenario. The game has earned a huge amount of university licenses, you will receive the return of basketball NCAA college with ten universities! And the game is also a special function. For example, the latest plot deals with the change from a football prospect for the son of a local basketball hero to basketball under the shadow of his father. A broad variety of films and sports celebrity, including several recent popular movies like Michael K. Williams and Djimon Hounsou, will also feature in MC mode.


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