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jeden Июль 23 '19

The first day of TPE adult dolls is the most important day. Wash with a doll and apply some baby powder. They say that traditional baby talcum powder may be unhealthy for the respiratory risk caused by talc, so you can also use cornstarch. Corn starch is non-toxic and food safe. It is harmless to you, the doll or the environment. It can be mixed with spice powder and you can get rid of it if you want! It is very important to check that the clothes you put on the doll will not transfer color to the doll.

When you woke up the next morning with your naked real doll, you realized that you still had the feeling that you liked it. For example, it is sex upright as in this example.You spread her legs and took her from behind. First in the vagina and then in the anus. All love dolls are three holes. The first two openings have already been tested. This is the third round. For the time being, In any case, you do not think that you have found enough erections. In the evening it looked a bit different again.

If you follow your simple steps to take care of your sex doll, you will find a durable product. Once a month, a TPE rehydration is recommended to moisten the entire doll with mineral oil to keep the doll factory fresh. Similar to washing your doll, you can apply baby oil to the first half of the body, then wait about 2 hours to absorb it, and then turn the doll around and repeat. Always remove baby's talcum powder before applying oil to your body.

There is an extra charge for this, but your Dutch wife has many more options, so it's worth it. Both skin types, whether silicone or TPE, will show a color on the garment if they are not thoroughly cleaned before using the toy. Vaseline can be used in high pressure areas such as underarms, ankles and vagina, but it needs to be approximate. Absorbed for 12 hours. To provide the entire body with moisture, baby oil is the right choice.