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Urwerk UR-210 latest version

The swan song of breakthrough design.Urwerk 110 UR-110 Ti PVD

Urwerk is verbally promoting one of its models, UR-210. The original UR-210, nicknamed the Maltese Falcon (Maltese Falcon), made its debut in 2012. Eight years after the watch was released, the brand marked the end of production of the Urwerk UR-210 Last Edition. This new watch is made of titanium alloy and stainless steel with black PVD coating. The dial is black and ruthenium-coated, and the hands are decorated with red numbers filled with rubies. The dial also has green and orange hour markers, and the watch is also equipped with a black leather strap.

We have reported on UR-210 many times over the years (here, here and here), and technically speaking, there is no difference between this version and earlier versions. It still has a uniquely shaped sapphire crystal, dual battery indicator, hour satellite display, case design and many incredible features.

UR-210 Last Edition has the iconic retrograde pointer, which keeps track of the time and indicates the minutes at the same time. When the minute hand flies back from 60 to zero, it will make a sharp "creak" to indicate the beginning of each new hour. The watch also has a patented clockwork efficiency indicator (in addition to the power reserve indicator), allowing users to know whether they have generated enough power in the last two hours of use to keep the UR-210 clocked fully Winding. This is shown on the dial, and the arrow changes between green and red.replica Corum Golden Bridge Watches

This feature is tailored for users and can be adjusted according to your movement. You can adjust the rotor on the bottom cover to ensure that it can be used normally. The rotor can also be effectively set to zero, allowing the watch to be used as a manual winding device. The function of this watch is much better than the description, you can check our hands-on operation of the original UR-210, which illustrates many unique functions of the watch.

When it reaches the end of the model production line, it needs to look back at the original UR-210 Maltese Falcon. Why is such a nickname? Well, as we mentioned before, the minute hand of the original model was inspired by the mythical bird beak. You can still see that the topic continues to the previous version. If this is the last UR-210 we saw, then it represents a truly outstanding achievement in contemporary watchmaking – or, as Sam Spade once pointed out, "dreams come true."Online replica watches


Brand: Urwerk
Model: The latest version of UR-210

Diameter: 43.8 mm
Thickness: 17.8 mm
Case material: steel and titanium alloy, black DLC coating
Dial color: black and ruthenium coating
Index: Arabic
Lume: Yes
Water resistance 30m
Strap/Bracelet: Leather strap

The Movement
Caliber: UR-7.10
Functions: Patented satellite complication showing wandering hours; three-dimensional minutes hand; power-reserve indicator; patented winding efficiency indicator.
Power Reserve:
Winding: Automatic winding dampened by turbines
Frequency: 4 HZ
Jewels: 51

Urwerk-UR-110 EastWood

For the final version of the UR-110 model, Urwerk founders Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner decided to do something more primitive than usual.

First, they used wood as the bezel for both models. Second, they matched the watch with a tailor-made tweed belt. As a result, the new Urwerk UR-110 EastWood truly stands out with its uniqueness.

Only ten EastWood pieces are produced, five pieces use South African red ivory wood bezels, and five pieces use Indonesian Macassar ebony bezels.

As you can imagine, it is a big challenge to carve a round frame with a wood as hard as the one used in this project, and then integrate it perfectly into the titanium structure of UR-110.Swiss watches for sale

For the belt, Urwerk asked to support Timothy Everest, a well-known custom tailor in Wales. The choice is fine wool tweed, which is very suitable for durability and abrasion resistance. One of the patterns used is the original Prince of Wales plaid worn by the Duke of Windsor. Contrary to popular belief, the tweed is actually brown and blue on ivory fabric, but because it is mainly seen in newspapers, it is usually considered black and white.

UR-110 won the 2011 Geneva Watch Awards Best Design Award. It uses the complicated function of orbiting satellites to display the time on the right side of the watch.

The three-hour satellite moves down a vertical arc, with slopes ranging from 0 to 60 minutes. The planetary gears keep the satellite and its arrow-shaped "torpedo" parallel, and alternately indicate the time to pass 60 minutes of orbit.perfect Bovet watches

This performance can be achieved through an architecture with three levels of complexity:

-The central turntable provides stability and balance for complications.
-The planetary gear device can ensure that the three-hour artificial satellite rotates in parallel when running on the dial.

-Three counter-rotating hour hand modules-each is mounted on a planetary gear and includes hour, minute and balance. The three modules are in a constant reverse rotation state to rotate the central conveyor belt in reverse.

In addition to indicating the hours and minutes, UR-110 EastWood is also equipped with a control panel on the side of the dial with "day/night" and "oil change" indicators and a small second on the sub-dial.

Flip the case, the titanium back cover is wrapped with an innovative automatic winding system that uses twin turbines to minimize wear. In fact, they have a curved shape, which increases the air resistance to the free rotation direction of the rotor and reduces the resistance to the rotation of the windings.replica Tag Heuer Monaco watches