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antoinedavis Апр. 27

Sending gift is one of the most confused thing nowaday. Because you don't know what he/she likes? What if the gifts that you are sending are not appropriat. What gifts should you send to your girlfriend or boyfriends when they have birthday? Here we listed some eight things you should know before sending gifts.

Things You Should Know Before Sending Gifts

1. Know the taste of others. Know that giving gifts is not to make yourself happy, but to make others happy. No item that tests the taste of others can be used as a gift giving

2. Don't include motivation. Some of the gifts with the implications of the reflection should be avoided as far as possible.

3. It's always new. Because no one would like to receive second-hand goods.

4. Don't buy "useful" gifts. This advice is especially for men who only know how to buy household goods for their favorite women. Practical gifts are not only imaginative, but also unintended. Remember that you are giving gifts to a person, not to the family.

5. Tear off the price tag first. Whether your gift is 3 yuan or 300 yuan, you must tear off the price tag first. A gift with a marked price seems to remind each other how much it cost me. Are you looking forward to the return? Or do you want to do an equivalent exchange, value for money business? It is generally considered impolite to put a price tag on the gift. It is not clever for you who want to express your heart.

6. Carefully selected gift box packaging. Gifts are different from self-use, good content is important, and good forms are more colorful. The principle of gift delivery is to choose beautiful packaging as possible (Taobao has a good reputation for plush toys to pay).

7. Relatively speaking, giving women gifts is always simple. Women's life is a good choice for you to give gifts. The female natural daughter sex, the wife sex, the maternal sex, can be in the gift to greatly cater.

8. Nevertheless, it is not wise to send women's clothing. Don't say color and style are really thousands of people, difficult to understand, the key obstacle is size - thin is troublesome, fat also makes her unhappy: do I have so fat?