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The end of the year is approaching, and the two dans are alternated. The Path of Exile National Service has finally completed the Pioneer Season, and the new season in January is about to usher in the Abyss Season. As a well-known POE fan, I can confidently say that POE is still the best Diablo-like game on the planet.


The loneliness of the Path of exile is really not easy for me to say in a word. The last time I remember the game that gave me such a sense of loneliness was "My War". Since I don’t know where to start, then this article should be a essay for POE Currency. Once I get older, I will have more words, and I am willing to give love to the pen and ink. Second, I have the right to be a miscellaneous game experience, and I am worthy of this game. Time spent. Write at the end of the old season, in the new season, I wish I and all the kings can come here.


1. Diablo, POE and my story


Counting it down, the person who is in the game industry today and has the greatest influence on me is my uncle, a first-generation otaku born in the 70s. His biggest hobby is to play games, and my initiation of games is to watch him play games. Countless mornings and afternoons, countless night battles with lights, to me, pink is for girls, and white horses are for princes. In these imprinted days, there are two games that have affected my life, one is "The Great Voyage" and the other is "Diablo 2".


After more than ten years of tossing and waiting, the teenager faded away, and he didn't wait for Blizzard, but waited for GGG. I have to say, sighing that life is unpredictable. Who can tell about these decades of loneliness? However, this is also a big promise. There are as many Diablo fans as lonely, and the young and persistent GGG is even more lonely than us.


When D3 came out, who would have thought that this was a sequel to D2? This is the Diablo series that has skipped tickets for ten thousand years? Yes, the picture is exquisite, but where is the character of the cult? Yes, the pace of the game is faster, but the end of one thousand players is the answer you want Blizzard?


Just when the whole world thought that Diablo's incense would be cut off, POE hit the dead end as a breaker. If the POE Items of the year was as lonely as a knife, and it was straightforward, then the POE of 2017 and 2018 is no longer the breaker, but the game itself. The so-called spiritual sequel has faded, and the direction GGG has worked hard on-to make a game like Diablo like-no longer exists, because it includes "Dark Gate-London", "Torch Light", " "Mythos", even the eldest son D3, all opponents have been eliminated by the times. The road ahead had nothing but his own shadow and the faint light of fire guarded by determination. Using loneliness as a sail, sailing to an unknown picture, has been performed by Blizzard North. Now GGG is lonely and brave, full of heroic looks like Jing Ke beside Yi Shui.


2. This is a wasteland reclamation journey you have never experienced before


After multiple rounds of packaging and testing, the national server has finally started a full-scale operation in a true sense. The pioneer season opened by S1 is an unprecedented journey for most players who are first exposed to POE Currency, including me.


On the first day of the service, I was so complacent, I asked three or five friends who had played the game together to join the game, but they were fighting each other and didn't help each other. To paraphrase a classic ad slogan that exaggerates the Chinese game circle, it is really a person, a knife, and equipment. In fact, every time I open up wasteland, I am not the emperor, but the heart of wanting to be emperor is immortal, but the reality is always more cruel than you think.


Seeing that Morvel was about to be overthrown, some people on the World Channel began to dry their white robe. In POE, the more auxiliary gems linked to an active skill gem, you can get a powerful skill with many changes and effects in the equipment hole. It has irreplaceable assistance in the early stage of land reclamation, and the new version needs to be added. The 6-hole goddess also has the same effect. If you want to be more concrete, the first charge is to send Dragon Sword, but POE does not need the first charge, only your European spirit. The words are divided into two ends, one for each table. The good news on the World Channel has not yet come, and the "good news" from my friends has broken me completely. Yes, the base friend Moweier had a white robe. In this game, the only meaning of Jiyou's existence is to let you know that you are far lonely than you think you are on the road to open up wasteland. A person and a knife are not deceived by me.


The story begins.


In the dark cave, the atmosphere is tense, no one knows what ghosts will encounter after the next fork in the road. It may be the ignorant provocation of a few sand crabs, or a resentful pirate soul, or a group of sea monsters twisting their self-feeling steps and crowing at you. And I, a lonely exile, raised the knife in my hand and let all the dust return to the dust.


Of course, the reason why elite monsters are called elites is that they have achieved great achievements in battle, or have a good family. And this time, the elite pirates I met gave out a POE Chaos Orb. This made me suddenly realize that he The dead souls under the sword do not know the geometry, and I almost became one of them. The consternation of the rest of my life did not last long. The surprise of chaos orbs engulfed me. If the slaughter of demons is considered a craft, I think this craft will make me better sooner or later. Thinking of this, the sticks in my hand seem to There was a cheerful tweet.


Every first experience in POE is impressive, the first humble, the first white robe, the first sacred stone, the first lofty stone, the first headhunter (I know you want When I talk about the first mirror, I also want to, but it really doesn't). These memories record growth and the scenery along the way, but they belong to me alone, no one to share, and there is no need to share, even if it is shared, others are also worthy of taste. And when you saw the equipment of the passing passers-by in the camp, the intersecting eyes have already revealed everyone's mind. Loneliness has become an unspeakable sympathy.


I like Zhang Xiaoyan's words very much, "Later, many people asked me how I was walking on the road at night, but what I think of is not loneliness and long roads, but the magnificent sea and the shining stars in the sky." One day, I will hold the nuclear star sword, step on the gate of death, wear the armor of glory, wear the call of the abyss, and hunt my head around my waist. Although mixed and matched, it sounds pretty awesome.


This is also the truest taste of my situation on the road to open up wasteland. POE Currencyis incompatible with the fast-food culture of China's current Internet age, and the pan-user market. As a hardcore game, he, like EVE, doesn't pay much attention, has no attractive basic disk, and has no large enough players, but he has the most loyal fans and has written a legend in the industry. And all of this comes from the loneliness of the creator and the player at the same frequency.


There are cyclic causes and effects in all things in the world. We were looking for resonance in the chat room 20 years ago, and 20 years later, we tried to use WeChat to keep away from the strangers. In the future, more and more people will look for a sense of isolation in the game to appreciate another kind of virtual life, and you and I may have been on the road to open up wasteland.