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POE Chaos Orb Май 23

3. Diablo Completion Plan-Currency, Talent Astrology and Ubiquitous Affixes


In the POE thinking mode, the traditional equipment drops randomly, and the random equipment attributes can no longer satisfy their ambitions. The blood bottles should be random, and the map should be random. The Vaal system that promotes randomness and gambling to the extreme is a sense of surprise and frustration. huge. One-handedly built equipment has evolved the entire affix system to a heinous height.


The introduction of the original poe currency exchange system, the use of currency as the core mechanism of the game, organically combines consumption and transactions, no matter if it’s a squatter who buys and sells, or a hard-working farm player, or a merchant who hoards and speculates, they can be found To improve their own positioning and experience.


Many kinds of currencies on the warehouse page: When most people mention POE Currency, they think of the vast talent chart, but for me, I rarely mention it.


POE talent astrolabe: It’s not that this thing is bad, but because this thing is great, but this system is extremely unfriendly to novices. If you don’t personally point out the talent yourself, you won’t feel anything except the visual impact. To. No one can explain which BD is the strongest in this version, and which BD has not yet been developed. Melee mage, spell barbarian may be a selling point in other games, but it has long been commonplace in POE. For every exile, he will inevitably experience the mountain of ignorance and the valley of despair in the Dak effect, until he begins to climb the slope of enlightenment.


Still have to go back to the industry. From the perspective of game design, it is not difficult to complete a talent tree with thousands of talent points. But to complete a talent tree that has enough strategic space and can indeed bring experience changes, it is also non-linear, and relatively balanced. At present, there is probably only this one-POE. Different characters have different starting points, and different starting points need to go through completely different talent routes. Different characters have different sublimation branches. The earliest "World of Warcraft" is not just a case. At present, the mainstream direction of the market is to do subtraction. Let’s see how unified the "World of Warcraft" in the past few years is under the guidance of the ghost crab. Looking at the LOL in recent years, one version of the talent system is cleaner than the other. Drop. Because the simpler and more controllable, the more complex and chaotic the easier it is to cause trouble. Obviously, POE runs counter to the mainstream, and is extremely happy on the lonely search road. Such a vast talent map, in fact, can be summed up in two words, possible. In POE, there is no BD that you can't play, such as suicide BD, which is mainly triggered by being beaten by someone. It uses magnifying skills and causes huge damage. Seeing a petite figure shuttles in the strange pile. In seconds, the monster lifted the knife and fell with a grinning face. In the next second, it turned into a team of treasures, sighing for good luck. Another example is the normalizing BD. The mechanism of this skill is similar to that of giving a plan. Burning oneself and scalding others. The road to the development of this BD is a portrayal of the growth of a tough guy. The highest goal is to be hard, hard enough to break through the sky and move. I lose, but I run slowly and play Boss slowly, but this is the shortcoming of this BD. After the introduction of the talent horoscope, I just say one sentence: Just do it.


It is also worth mentioning that the small and beautiful hideout dress also gives a lot of nasty players enough room to play. I still clearly remember the situation when I went to my friend's house. In the dimly suffocated library, the mummy surrounding the teleportation point layer upon layer made me cry out in shock at the moment I finished loading. Those hiding places in other people's homes are really impressive, but I, a person with low aesthetic ability, will not show ugliness.


Jump out of the design system of the entire game and re-examine the POE. In fact, GGG has given countless strategic building blocks and a general framework. Under the framework, how to access these building blocks is completely controlled by the player. But all this is different from Lego and traditional building blocks. No one can see his beauty and ugliness at a glance. It must be calibrated among many goals within the established framework of the game. However, there is no absolute beauty and ugliness in POE Exalted Orb. The headhunter's explosive attack on the green door and father-in-law do need more extreme equipment requirements, but they have outstanding performance in monster spawning. Although Pharmacy Normalizing can quickly go through the ultimate trial, it is a fantasy to pass the Green Gate.




There are thousands of people, and POE is ultimately creating elements instead of D3's hand-picked BD, and it is easy to adjust the value dozens of times. Some people like totem's casual and close to the people, some like the elegance and refreshment of bows and arrows, and some like to normalize and count me as a loser. And all of this depends on what kind of person you are, and the final BD will completely fit your own tone.


4. Tribute to GGG and the immortal dark soul


The information currently available on the Internet is that GGG started to develop POE Chaos Orb in 2006 with three people as the core team. In 2010, the GGG development team expanded to 12 people, and online public opinion also called them copycats. In 2016, POE finally officially landed in the Chinese market, completing the last piece of the global map, and also the largest and most important piece.


Three diehards, full of enthusiasm, dying several times, exhausted their wealth, crowdfunding continued their lives, no matter which setback they defeated, they will not have today's POE. What's even more jaw-dropping is that no matter how frustrated and difficult, POE has never been lower than half of the mass market.


The gaming industry is Vanity Fair, especially in China. Why is it that everyone is more willing to find a mature model to be a copycat, use IP to amplify the effect of success, and promote the idea that channels are king. Because such success is universal, reproducible, and meets the demand for high returns. I have seen countless gamers who have excellent speaking skills and dreams above all else, but those who can really practice their dreams are getting fewer and fewer on the bumpy road of development, or forced by livelihood, or wealth and glory, there will always be One reason can make a dream worthless. And a group of lonely dreamers, separated by oceans, is 11 years alone, but after 11 years, dreams come true.


I have talked about this with my master planner. I am jealous and envious of them. And every journey in the path of exile currency is the same. If you are still choosing to wait and give up instead of embarking on a lonely search path, the shapers will not succumb, the upper queen will not drink hatred, and you have never seen the gate of the pale council, nor have you been in Chayula. There is a death match on the promenade, not to mention the headhunter in the eyes of others and the magic mirror of Callander in the dream.


5. 1+12


From the perspective of game design, in fact, the exploration of POE in the season is indeed successful, and it will inevitably trap developers' hands and feet. Every research and development should understand that if something is to be taken away from the player, it must be doubled back to them. Under the season system, at the end of each season, GGG takes away everything except the recharge, and makes the players almost zero in the past 3 months. Then next season, GGG will definitely give more content and greater content. Update. This time, the Abyss season really left me speechless. The huge amount of new additions, optimizations, and content have made me unable to imagine how this group of people did it in the past 4 months. I have nothing to say except for admiration. I can probably feel the loneliness and satisfaction of every overtime night.


For the old players, the most exciting is the 48 new dark gold and 32 new alien maps. Although 3.1 has a small version number compared to 3.0, the abyss season will almost completely experience the mid and late stages of POE. It's changed. The gem-eating ring that has caused many people to discuss some time ago is particularly interesting, and what I am most looking forward to is the new map. After all, as an old brush, the previous map is a bit annoying. I updated 32 in one breath. I have something to do in the new season. Now, at least the new lock map method will be enough to think about for a while.


In addition, thanks to Tencent. I know that it is politically correct to hack Tencent in Zhihu, but in the case of POE, I still have to give Tencent a compliment. There is no other reason, just because of the POE Currency agent. To be honest, from the public's point of view, POE's operating model does not match Tencent's stereotypes, and there are even conflicts. It is no wonder that many people are sighing and sighing when they learn about Tencent's agency, lest they ruin POE. Since 2016, and until today, almost all the mechanisms in the game, Tencent’s operating team has not made any radical commercial adjustments. It is really not easy to be able to do this. If you say it is easy, it's as big as NetEase, go to Minecraft. This is a kind of reverence for the industry, reverence for good works, and truly treat players as players. Even if it is unnecessary to praise the entire Tencent, the POE operation team deserves to be praised by every exile.


6. Postscript


In fact, the core issue of gaming has always been a contradiction. The more complex the mechanism, the more obscure the strategy, the less people play, the more lonely, but the more friendly to the core players, the more fun, the more irreplaceable and irreplaceable, and vice versa. The prosperity of the world is for the benefit, and the hustle and bustle of the world is for the benefit, and the loneliness of POE runs counter to, and the independence of the world may be the same as EVE in the future.


In the end, like every veteran with a conscience, I still want to tell everyone who is about to embark on the path of exile currency, this game if you can’t bear to be alone and want to experience fast food culture and push Rhythm, if you don't want to spend a lot of time carefully thinking about an experience that has its own tonality, don't try it lightly. This game is not friendly enough. In the past, today, everything that can be seen will not be friendly enough in the future. At the same time, I also wish that every exile can enjoy this rare and independent feast of loneliness in this impetuous society.